Lexipol Introduces New Accreditation Support for Law Enforcement Agencies

Lexipol, the leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety agencies, recently announced the introduction of its Accreditation Workbench offering. The service significantly reduces the time and effort needed to prepare for and execute an accreditation assessment—whether it’s an agency’s first assessment or part of a reaccreditation process.

The program is integrated with Lexipol’s web-based policy content, management and training platform, Knowledge Management System (KMS), to track and offer suggestions to streamline an agency’s progress toward accreditation.

Through relationships with over 20 state and national accreditation programs, this new offering features policy content that has been pre-tagged to accreditation standards, state-specific assessment checklists detailing suggested proofs of compliance for each standard, and the ability to upload, manage and report on proofs.

"We are happy to support our customers’ accreditation initiatives and their goals to enhance professionalism and build community support.”

With Lexipol’s Accreditation Workbench, customers participating in

a supported accreditation program can:

  • Access standards and instantly see how their Lexipol policies align with accreditation standards
  • View checklists detailing suggested proofs of compliance necessary to demonstrate compliance to standards
  • Upload, store and organize proofs of compliance such as documents and videos
  • Complete self-assessment reports to identify compliance gaps
  • Quickly respond to assessor requests for compliance documentation

“We are excited to introduce our new Accreditation Workbench, as we have found that in accreditation programs we support, approximately 90% of standards requiring written directives are addressed by Lexipol policies,” said Lexipol CEO Michael Davis. “Customers benefit by saving time they would otherwise have to spend linking policies to standards and organizing documents. We are happy to support our customers’ accreditation initiatives and their goals to enhance professionalism and build community support.”

The Accreditation Workbench service is currently available for law enforcement agencies pursuing accreditation through programs in Michigan (MLEAC), New York (NYSLEAP), Ohio (OCLEAC), and Washington (WASPC) with additional states planned in coming months. The accreditation support will be expanded to include fire and juvenile detention accreditation programs in 2019.

To learn more about Lexipol’s Accreditation Workbench, visit www.lexipol.com/request-a-demo.

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