Lexipol Introduces Online Police Use of Force Policy Resource

by | August 24, 2020

Lexipol, the leading content, policy and training platform for public safety and local government, recently launched a new website centered on police use of force policy to educate and foster conversation between law enforcement professionals and their communities. This knowledge base outlines Lexipol’s current use of force policy positions as well as information about how the policies were developed.

Lexipol built the resource in response to the evolution and increased intensity of the national conversation surrounding police use of force, with the goal of increasing transparency and engagement between law enforcement professionals and their communities. With clearly outlined policy positions, Lexipol seeks to inform conversations and involve stakeholders in efforts to create safer communities.

On the Use of Force site, users can download a copy of Lexipol’s national use of force policy as well as position papers on the more prominent aspects of police use of force such as de-escalation and shooting at moving vehicles. With content created for both law enforcement professionals and community members, the site serves as an informational hub for all stakeholders, including links to articles, webinars and more to expand on key topics.

“We are excited to present an educational and candid resource on police use of force and our related policies,” said Lexipol Chief Revenue Officer Chuck Corbin. “Keeping communities safe is the primary purpose of law enforcement, and properly crafted policies – including those pertaining to use of force – are central to that mission and therefore, Lexipol’s mission.”

Visit the new Use of Force website for more information.

Lexipol provides public safety and local government with solutions that combine the impact of information with the power of technology. We serve more than 2 million first responders and local government officials with policies, training, wellness resources, grant assistance, and news and analysis.

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