The Third Step in Creating a Firefighter Workout Program: Interval Training

It’s time to pound the pavement again. You know how important cardiovascular ability is for firefighters, so you dutifully lace up your shoes and start off on an 8-mile run. On the way you motivate yourself by thinking about how you’re preparing yourself for the extreme conditions you’ll face when the tones go off.

Think again. Although cardiovascular training of any kind is important, to really mimic emergency response, you need a different approach.

In this quick video, Aaron Zamzow, a firefighter with Madison (WI) Fire Department and founder of Fire Rescue Fitness, shares the third of five essential components to firefighter workouts. Learn more about how to step up your cardio training to get the results you want and need.


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Aaron Zamzow

AARON ZAMZOW is a firefighter/training officer for Madison (Wisconsin) Fire Department with 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer and host of the Better Every Shift podcast. He holds a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness as well as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. He is an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist, an NASM certified personal trainer and an ACE-certified peer fitness trainer. Zamzow is the founder and owner of and develops programs aimed at getting fire rescue athletes fit for duty. He authored the book "Ladder 2 Workout: A Comprehensive Firefighter Workout Program that will get you 'Fit for Duty' in 28 days." Connect with Zamzow on Twitter at @GetFRFit, on Facebook at Fire Rescue Fitness or at

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