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The Most Advanced Policy Management and Training Platform

For the majority of most public safety agencies, it’s difficult to keep track of policy content. Multiple printed copies, overstuffed binders, even PDFs stored electronically can all create problems when it comes to updating and circulating policies and related training.

At Lexipol, we’ve spent years developing the smartest, most responsive public safety policy management platform. Our online Knowledge Management System (KMS) provides electronic policy acknowledgment tracking, automatic archiving of policy versions and efficient distribution of policies and training to staff. Not to mention 24/7 access to your policies via our web-based platform and mobile app!

With KMS, you’ll spend less time on policy management, and more time serving your community.

Save Time
Save time with one place to manage all content
Increase productivity with online workflow tools
Keep staff informed with email and mobile alerts
Enhance efficiency with electronic distribution of policies and training

Experience the Benefits of Electronic Policy Management

Increase Productivity

KMS makes it easy to edit, review and issue policies to staff with the push of a button. Collaboration workflows simplify and streamline the policy review process, while features such as policy update categories (Critical, Major, Minor) help you prioritize tasks.

Enhance Compliance

When policies are accessible anytime, anywhere, personnel access them more frequently. With KMS, your members can pull out a smartphone or tablet at an incident, search by touch or voice and pull up the policy guidance they need. And with a few clicks, you can identify whether personnel have reviewed policies or completed training.

Keep Policies Up to Date

Use the “redline” side-by-side comparison to review policy updates from Lexipol and approve, customize or reject the changes—then issue the updates electronically to staff. No more outdated manuals, stop-gap memos or multiple versions of policies floating around!

Designed to Help You Work Smarter and Faster

Lexipol’s Knowledge Management System is much more than a traditional learning management system. It’s a powerful, full-service platform that provides secure storage for and easy access to your policy and training content. The KMS user interface offers the ability to:

  • Customize end-user preferences
  • Attach files and checklists
  • Search policies by keyword or voice
  • Build hyperlinks between policies and related documents
  • Collaborate across work groups
  • Issue policies to specific personnel groups
  • Access inline policy guide sheets
  • Integrate accreditation standards
  • Format and customize your documents

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We had a personnel situation with an officer and within a few minutes, we were able to use the Lexipol platform to generate more than a year’s worth of policy acknowledgement and training records on a particular topic. Having that level of visibility and documentation support has helped us better respond to personnel issues.”

Chief Robert Parker
Watauga (TX) Police Department

“The app is great—I can punch in a search term and immediately get to the policy. And KMS gives you valuable documentation of policy acknowledgement and related training. On a chief level, that’s very important.”

Chief Jeffrey Pilz
Hillside (IL) Fire Department

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